Vector International Academy Runners Shine at Ljubljana Marathon

Vector International Academy Runners Shine at Ljubljana Marathon

As the city’s streets filled with the echo of cheering and the rhythmic thud of running shoes, the high school dash at the Ljubljana Marathon became a memorable event for Vector International Academy (VIA). Our spirited VIA runners took to the 3km challenge with unbridled energy and determination.

The weekend was marked by a vibrant display of athleticism and camaraderie, with students, faculty, and parents joining forces to both run and cheer. It was an inspiring spectacle of school spirit and physical endurance.

Special accolades are due to Gregory and Julia, who stood out by clocking the top times in their respective categories. Their exceptional performances set new benchmarks for upcoming runners and have become a proud moment for the academy.

We also extend our heartfelt commendations to the Year 13 students who were instrumental in leading the running club’s preparations for this prestigious event. Their leadership and commitment played a pivotal role in not just readying their peers for the race, but also in fostering a sense of unity and collective ambition.

As we look back on the event, we’re filled with pride for all the participants and supporters who contributed to this endeavor. The enthusiasm and perseverance displayed by our runners were nothing short of inspiring.

The VIA community is eagerly anticipating the next year’s marathon, where we aim to not only participate but exceed our current achievements. Until then, we’ll carry the spirit of this year’s marathon with us, letting it motivate every stride we take in our journey of personal and collective growth.

Join us in celebrating our runners’ accomplishments and in cheering them on for their future endeavors!

Vector International Academy Runners Shine at Ljubljana Marathon