Admissions process

Step 1Expression of interest (call / email / use the form online)
Step 2Arange a visit in person or through video call
Step 3Schedule a trial day which includes:

  • Interview with the Head of School and teachers
  • Tour of the school
  • Placement tests for English and Mathematics
  • Attendance of a range of classes
  • Reserved time with students
  • Tour of boarding facility (if needed)
Step 4Submit the following documentation:

  • Completed and signed Registration Form
  • Two latest school reports
  • Copy of passport or ID
Step 5School issues placement offer; student’s place is secured upon receipt of a 5% tuition value at the time of enrollment.
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Fees for the academic year 2023/24


1 – IGCSE Y1013.900,00 EUR
2 – IGCSE Y1113.230,00 EUR
3 – IB DP1 / Y1215.250,00 EUR
4 – IB DP2 / Y1314.520,00 EUR
  • The school does not charge any admission/registration fees, and requires no deposit;
  • Textbooks, exams, trips, specialist equipment (e.g. for Visual arts, graphic calculator), and assistance with residency status, are not included in the tuition fee.
  • Published tuition fees are current at the date of publication; tuition fees may vary for non-Slovene residents.
    (last updated: November 2022)