Our students and parents

At Vector International Academy we are proud of our close-knit community. We value and nurture conducive working relationships with parents, carers and other stakeholders. We encourage their feedback and we respect their views. Satisfied families have been our strongest advocates and have been instrumental in our growth as a community. We recommend all prospective families to connect with current and past parents and enquire about their experiences with us.

Here are testimonials of some current members of our community.

Testimonials of our students and their parents

Tin, student

“In this school I enjoy the community that has formed in the short period since I have been here. Always being able to arrive to school happy and with a big smile is a blessing. I have also started to appreciate the academic efficiency, so that I have really been able to progress to my full potential. I am looking forward to how this school will flourish in the future.”

Matic, student

“It feels more like a second family than a school. I love the fact that the teachers can give you more attention because the classes are small. I come to school everyday, not because I’m forced to by my parents but because I want to. “

Oskar, student

“My favourite part of being educated at Vector International Academy is the high level of cooperation between parents, students and teachers. Within the walls of the Vector, you as an individual, are respected, and entitled to learn.”

Mark, student

“Vector International Academy uses the academic programme to help students collaborate as they work together on many group projects. The Academy also provides various activities in and out of school available for students to attend thus making studying at VIA even more exciting “

Jaka, student

“I like Vector International Academy because it helped me improve in my school work and studying. I love the energy at the school. “

Julia and Paul, parents

“We decided to send our daughter to VIA because of the school’s emphasis on academics, experience level of the teachers, small class size and welcoming, positive atmosphere based on mutual respect between teachers and students. The beautiful school campus is an added bonus. Our daughter has excelled at VIA due to rigorous academic instruction targeted to her level of knowledge and skills, reinforced by the collegial atmosphere that is conducive to learning and personal well-being.”

Barbara and Miloš, parents

“Our experience with VIA is simply fantastic. As parents, we could hardly wish for anything other than a kind, safe, and creative environment for our child.”

Elena, student

“VIA runs their establishment in such an amazing way which encourages you to learn. Really learn. They truly value education and their students.”

Taja, student

“Regardless of any field you may want to enter in the future, Vector International Academy will not only prepare you for further education but also create strong bonds between classmates and staff, teaching you to network and work in partnership with others.”