Red Carpet Graduation Celebration at Vector International High School

Red Carpet Graduation Celebration at Vector International High School

On May 23, 2024, Vector International High School celebrated a momentous occasion as we proudly sent off our graduating class of 2024. This year’s ceremony was a testament to the incredible journey and growth of our 16 graduates. The event, held at the historic Ljubljana Castle, was filled with heartfelt speeches, fond memories, and shared aspirations for the future.

Graduates’ journey started in 13 different cities around the globe and we reflected on the unique paths they have taken, emphasizing the sense of community and mutual respect that developed among them during their time at VIA. Together, students have not only pursued academic excellence but created a community that exemplifies the essence of our school.

In his speech, our Head of School highlighted the importance of family and community support in the students’ success. “Your love and support; your patience and maybe even your own personal sacrifices, are the solid foundations upon which current and future successes will be built,” he stated, acknowledging the vital role played by parents and guardians.

The ceremony was a true celebration of our students’ academic achievements and personal growth and at the same time a reminder of the graduates’ significant contributions to the school’s history.

The evening concluded with a powerful metaphor linking the Ljubljana Castle to the graduates’ future: a symbol of durability, success, and a strategic vantage point for the adventures that lie ahead. “From this lofty position look out beyond the walls of our educational institution and into the vast, uncharted territories of life,” encouraged the Head of School.

The ceremony ended with individualized words for each of the graduates, celebrating their unique qualities and characteristics. Each student added to the collective character of a caring and empathetic group of individuals who became close friends on their path to finding their own passion and interest. They will be moving to Universities all over Europe while already planning their first VIA reunion in December.

The evening continued with joyous socializing and tasty food. Congratulations to the Class of 2024! We look forward to seeing how your unique qualities continue to shine and influence the world.